Access better practice bidding expertise and an extra pair of skilled hands when you need them most

Even during your busiest times, using a skilled bidding consultant means you never need to miss an opportunity or reduce the quality of your bids. Our experts can analyse your past tenders to suggest improvements, assess your capabilities against better practice and organise tailored training sessions for your bid team.

"[Your consultant] has instilled a discipline in our business that has contributed towards an exponential growth over the past two years, a discipline that is focused on the needs of the buyer, proof points, and differentiation..."

PUBLIC SECTOR EXPERTISE: After years of bidding into government at all levels, our consultants can review your documents to ensure you hit key public sector hot buttons and buyer needs

FRESH EYES REVIEW: Playing the role of a skeptical buyer, our experts can highlight opportunities to improve your submission, benchmarking your bid against better practice

BOOST YOUR CAPACITY: Extend your existing teams seamlessly, adding additional skilled hands and bidding skills when you need them most - even during a crisis

BENCHMARK YOUR CAPABILITIES: Indexing your past bids against better practice can guide your continuous improvement process and highlight training needs

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